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Overview of our services

Doing business in Yemen is not an easy task, specially for International companies.  Challenges such as obtaining sufficient market data and finding a reliable partner are two major hurdles that deprive many companies from a successful and sustainable business in the country.  From a long experience in the market, we've encountered countless times where companies lost business opportunities due to incorrect (or insufficient) data and/or having incompetent local partners.  Our company offers services that at least minimize - to a large extent - the risks of losing such opportunities in such complicated yet highly promising market.  Such services include:
  • Gathering market information about an industry, products, competitors, etc.
  • Finding the right partner who can ensure efficient distribution, proper team allocation and training, sufficient finance, and execution of marketing activities and sales targets.
  • If you already have an existing distributor, we can evaluate their distribution coverage and marketing activities on the ground.
  • We can regularly monitor the distributor's activities in an attempt to control the monthly sales and marketing outcome based on sales target and marketing objectives.
  • Unfortunately, many international companies face problems and sometimes legal disputes with their distributors.  We mediate for amicable solutions; else, recommend reliable lawyers if the situation worsens, and follow up with the case.
  • We also provide tailored services such as (but not limited to) sales and marketing training on the ground, products' registration with the official authorities, translations (Arabic-English, English-Arabic), and others.

Which industries do we serve?

In general, we offer our services to ALL industries. However, we are quite specialized on the following industries:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oral Care Products
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Medical & IVD sectors
  • Cosmeceutical & Cosmetics
  • Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG)

Market study and analysis

Information is powerful only when it can be clearly analyzed and interpreted.  We give meaning to collected information by formulating clear knowledge that allows you draw conclusion and take strategic decisions.  We help you see the market with clarity, as if you were present.  Our market data collection is achieved through two techniques: primary data collection and secondary data collection.
Primary data collection:
This is where we go to the market (retail, wholesale, end-consumer, etc.) and investigate in-depth about the intended market or certain product(s) to obtain first hand information from reliable sources using different methods, as such:
  • Carrying out surveys and collecting market data (i.e. prices, pack sizes, consumer preferences, competitors, market positioning, marketing strategies and strengths/weaknesses of competitors, etc.).
  • Formulating tailored questionnaires for certain important audience and market segments.
  • Making observations and conducting interviews with individuals of the intended industry.
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Secondary data collection:
Collecting data from other reliable sources is the second technique.  These sources may include:
  • Government authorities, such as Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Health, the Customs Authority, etc.
  • Previous market studies and researches done by other researchers (if any).
  • Internet publications.
We prefer and focus much more on the primary data collection because it is - as we strongly believe - where we can be more confident to deliver to you solid and up-to-date knowledge.  Secondary data collection could nonetheless be a viable option as complementary. 

Allocate a new distributor

Once you are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the market has good potentiality for your business, appointing the right partner (distributor) is the first and most crucial step towards realizing this potentiality.  Because Yemen market is not as transparent and modern as many other Middle Eastern markets that have access to abundant and some-how reliable information about distributors, it becomes very difficult for international companies to make distributor-selection decision with full confidence.  Here comes our job.  We try to give you assurances about distributors who are already under your radar, as well as allocate other candidates that could also be suitable. We make conclusions and give recommendations based on our on-the-ground research and investigation:
  • Asking sufficient number of customers about the possible candidates (e.i, their distribution capabilities, team, sales policies, marketing activities, customer services, etc.).
  • Using our connection in the financial sector to investigate about the financial capabilities of the candidate(s).
  • Visiting the candidate(s) facilities - if possible - and getting to know them closer.

Evaluate an existing distributor

If you already have distributor(s) and you would like to make certain they are handling your business interest properly and exploiting market potentiality to the fullest, we can assist you achieve that by extensively micro-evaluating their operations and real current status in the market.  We can then give you a clear picture of where your products are really positioned in the market, suggest some ideas to enhance productivity, and set forth recommendations to amend deviations (if any).  Our conclusion, suggestions and recommendations are based on the following actions:
1-  Meeting with your distributor.
2-  Meeting with the marketing and sales team and evaluating their capabilities and skills.
3-  Analyzing sales history and distribution coverage.
4-  Analyzing ongoing marketing activities  and their impact on the sales.
5-  Investigating the distributor's reputation in the market.

Monitor and control

If you need to support your distributor and give a professional touch to their activities  in regular basis so that they achieve exponential growth, we can provide our services based on 'long term' agreement that consist of the following support:
  • Making regular visits to the market to observe the availability and display of your products - at least twice a month; and sending you and the distributor the visit reports with feedback.
  • Providing the marketing and sales team with advices and tangible leads to increase sales.
  • Sending you monthly marketing and sales reports - in coordination with the distributor.
  • Evaluating and optimizing the sales process.

Legal issues and problems

We guide you to overcome major problems and legal issues that may occur between you and your distributor(s).  Some of the help we provide in this regard include:
  • Negotiate face-to-face with the distributor on your behalf to reach amicable resolution.
  • Find a suitable lawyer if amicable resolution is not achieved, and advise on best strategies to win the case.
  • Follow up with the case in regular basis.
Our service is not limited to helping resolve problems with the distributor(s), but also (if needed) with any local entities or authorities.

Tailored services

We can tailor our services to meet your requirements and needs as necessary.  Some of the other services we can provide may include:
  • Training the distributors' marketing and sales team.
  • Registrations of your company and products in the concerned authorities.
  • Translations from Arabic to English and vice versa.
  • Any other services that may be needed.